OSU has extended the date for all in-person events to July 6, 2020. No speaking events will be scheduled until that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

About the Speakers Bureau

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to provide interesting, accurate and valuable gardening, agricultural and horticultural information to the citizens of Licking County. Any group or organization may request a presentation.

All members of the Speakers Bureau are volunteer Master Gardeners who have developed a particular interest, specialty or expertise on a topic. These volunteer speakers are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others who may be interested. Each speaker develops the format, length and content of their presentation, which may be tailored to fit with the interests of the requesting organization or group.

Because these presentations are provided by volunteers, they are subject to the individual availability of the presenter.

Presentations by members of the Speakers Bureau may be used to:

  • Educate the community
  • Announce events or new projects
  • Train and recruit new volunteers
  • Educate the organization’s members or interns
  • Inspire people to support the local community thru agriculture, horticulture or gardening
  • Motivate people to donate their time, money, tangible goods or service

Topics Available

Please click the topics below for additional information.

adding food to the landscape design

Description Coming Soon

beekeeping 101

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Composting (including making a compost bin)

Composting is like baking a cake. Plants love well-aged composted materials, but the contents need to be the "right stuff" and "cooked" properly. You will learn different types of composting methods, what ingredients to include and how to "cook" them.

creating a rain garden

Rather than all our rainwater running off into streams or sewer systems, some of it can be temporarily collected in a specially designed flower bed called a Rain Garden, and then absorbed into the ground. This presentation shares basic "how to" information for designing and creating a rain garden.


Description Coming Soon

designing with hardscapes

Description Coming Soon

flower beds...incorporating more than just flowers

Description Coming Soon

Flower pounding art

Enjoy the craft of flower pounding. Transfer live plant dye by pounding onto cloth to create numerous artistic designs.

gardening with herbs

Growing herbs can provide a fun, healthy pastime. Growing in pots to garden plots. Learn how to select, plant, maintain and harvest herbs. In addition, you will learn history, uses, preparation and some fun folklore.

healthy garden soil

Healthy soil is the foundation to every successful home garden. We will discuss pH levels, soil nutrients, soil testing and how to amend/enrich existing soil.

indoor seed starting

By starting plants from seed indoors, you can grow veggies and/or flowering plants specifically selected by you. This presentation covers selecting seeds, preparing soil for starting seeds indoors, indoor growing techniques and how to make your own grow light.

making miniature gardens

With a "LITTLE" imagination and creativity, you can shrink to miniature size and create a living environment to grow and enjoy. This is a great activity from beginners to pros. A fun presentation for children and adults.

making hypertufa containers and art

Learn how to create hypertufa containers for planting flowers, herbs and succulents. Create cement art using real, live leaves and thrift store finds for beautiful and unique yard art.

ohio butterflies

Description Coming Soon

planning a successful vegetable garden

Description Coming Soon

planning a veggie garden

Description Coming Soon

planting crops for spring, summer, fall harvest

This presentation focuses on WHAT can be planted outdoors, WHEN it can be planted and HOW to plant for Spring, Summer or Fall crops as well as knowing when to harvest different types of veggies.

planting for a healthy lifestyle - adding herbs to your garden

Description Coming Soon

planting with deer in mind

Description Coming Soon

pruning techniques

Description Coming Soon

raised bed gardening

Raised beds can produce a bounty of vegetables or strategically located color via flowering plants. This presentation discusses the benefits of gardening in raised beds as well as techniques for creating and maintaining the bed.

raised bed gardening for vegetables and flowers

Description Coming Soon

starting a community garden

Description Coming Soon

straw bale gardening

The program covers the condition and set up of the straw bale before planting. The process is based on the book "Straw Bale Gardening," authored by Joel Karsten. Plant selection and planting are included in the presentation.

the art of container gardening

Description Coming Soon

the art of grafting

Description Coming Soon

the fascinating science of phenology

Description Coming Soon

the joy of perennial gardens

Description Coming Soon

the technique of propagation

Description Coming Soon

trials and triumphs of having your own greenhouse

Description Coming Soon

winter sowing

Description Coming Soon

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