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Learn all there is to know about gardening in the fall season...

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End of Season Gardening Tips

Dixie Sandborn, Michigan State University Extension - November 18, 2014

As the days become cooler, your days of weeding, harvesting and preserving are done and it’s time to sit back and enjoy some rest and relaxation. But before you curl up with your peach chutney on toast, your favorite beverage and your pile of seed catalogs for next spring, remember to put your garden to rest and take care of your garden tools. Read more... 

Benefit Your Spring Garden This Fall

Timothy McDermott, OSU Extension Franklin County - September 18, 2016

It is common to not really want to think about additional work at the end of a gardening season, especially one that had as many heat and water challenges as this season did, but fall is the best time to do many things in the garden that if you wait for spring, you lose your best chance. Read more...

Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Shannon Cowan, - October 4, 2016

Fall is here, and with it comes the inevitable slowing of activity in the garden. Depending on your location, perennials may be blushing with color and starting to drop their leaves.

Annual vegetables are nearing the end of their lifespan and are starting to succumb to the nip of successively heavier frosts. After the rush of spring planting and the peak of summer’s harvest, it’s tempting to shut the garden gate and let nature take its course. After all, you’ve done the heavy spring lifting and reaped summer’s benefits. What more is needed now that fall is here? Read more...

Extending the Growing Season

University of Connecticut, 2016

Extending the gardening season as late into the fall as possible is an enticing idea to most gardeners of the Northeast. Tomatoes, peppers, summer squash and cucumbers do not grow or produce well once air temperatures drop down into the high thirties F. If these warm season crops are touched by an early morning frost they will be severely injured or killed. The garden, however, does not have to completely shut down with the occurrence of a killing frost. There are ways to keep the harvest going, both by the selection of cold-tolerant vegetables and by protecting the crops by the use of different types of covers. Read more...

Garden to Plate Videos

Shari Gallup, OSU Extension Licking County

 The Garden to Plate project is a video series that takes consumers from “garden to plate.” The project consists of five separate, short 2-3  minute YouTube videos showing how a vegetable can be taken from a garden with little knowledge or skill and made into healthy food that tastes good. Click here to view the videos.

Food Preservation

A bank of resources for food preservation includes: fact sheets, videos and training session recordings.Click here to learn more.

Ohio Victory Gardens Program

The Ohio Department of Agriculture and Ohio State University Master Gardener Volunteers are reviving the effort and once again inspiring people to get their hands dirty, realize the fruits of their labor and share with others if inspired. Visit the Ohio Victory Gardens Program.

Horticulture Hotline

Gardening questions or concerns? The Licking County Master Gardeners Horticulture Helpline is available during the growing season. Click here to get started.