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2022 Upcoming Events: 

Licking County Communuty Center is pleased to partner with the Ohio State Extension Service to offer their Mind, Body, Soul Classes to the LCCC. To see the 2022 topics for each month, please tap or click the link.  

Mind Body Soul

Food Preservation Workshops

Food Preservation 2022 Series: 

Join us from 4-5 p.m. EST to learn about perserving foods.   
Register at:

Visit our Food Preservation page to see upcoming events and resources.

Food Preservation 2022

Empowered Minds: Licking County Library 
Food Preservation 

Learn how to safely preserve foods at home using basic preservation methods including pressure canning and water baths.  During these classes you can also bring your pressure canning lid for a complimentary safety test following the presentation.  

Food Preservation Library