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Over four decades of research point to the significant impact our natural world has on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing. In simple terms, being outside is good for us! Our Family and Consumer Sciences Educator is passionate about the outdoors and the benefits of getting outside. If you want to learn more about Nature and Human Health, please contact Shari Gallup at Shari has created, “A Beginners Guide to Nature” which helps guide those who are wanting to go into nature.

Biophilia: Bringing Nature Home (Gallup, 2023) 

From Garden to Plate: Taking the Next Step (Gallup, 2023)
A Beginner's Guide to Nature (Gallup, 2022)
Nature MattersHow's Your Environmental Wellness? (Stanton, 2022)

How to Do Nature: A Beginner's Guide to Going into Nature (Gallup, 2022)

Under Our Wing: Connecting with the Next Generation of Birders (Stanton, 2022)
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A Prescription for Nature

Click on any of the topics below to access easy-to-read, evidence-based resources about each issue and the health benefits nature can provide. Thank you to Park Prescriptions for creating these helpful fact sheets. Although connecting to nature is an essential part of staying well, always consult with a healthcare provider if you have any medical concerns or questions.

Adult Benefits: Pediatric Benefits:
Cancer Care ADHD
Cardiovasular Health Allergies & Asthma
Elder Health General Kids' Health
General Adult Health Healthy Weight & Activity
Mental Health Kids' Mental Health
Respirtory Health & Immunity Pregancy & Early Life
Work Performance Kids' School Success