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ohio victory gardens

Welcome Gardeners! Are you here to learn about the Ohio Victory Gardens program, have an interest in gardening or just plain curious about the talk of reviving a U.S tradition? No matter the reason, you are in the right place!

The purpose, of a Victory Garden, is to help in times of need. This could mean providing food or lifting our morale, creating bonds with one another and nature, or just to bring some fun in your life! Here, folks from all garden walks of life, hope to share with you their insights, tips and ideas based on what they have learned from their successes, mistakes and others. Our hope is that we can help you learn to create a garden of any size in any place.

The seed giveaway through OSU Extension offices will help anyone get started! There is no time like the present to plant a fall garden. The seed packet contains a few different kinds of produce that will grow well this time of year – whether it’s full grown plants or even microgreens!

For more information, visit the Ohio Victory Gardens website at

Garden to Plate

The Garden to Plate project is a video series that takes consumers from “garden to plate.” The project consists of five separate, short 2-3 minute YouTube videos showing how a vegetable can be taken from a garden with little knowledge or skill and made into healthy food that tastes good.  The videos were filmed in the Licking County Master Gardener Demonstration Garden in Newark, Ohio and in the kitchen of the beautiful Bryn Du Mansion in Granville, Ohio.  The project was developed to empower those who want to learn how to take simple vegetables from local garden, farmer’s market or grocery producer aisle, and turn them into healthy, simple foods that fight or prevent disease.

Click here for printable recipes.




Cucumber Dill Dip


Green Beans


Spaghetti Squash


Simple Pesto