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Dining with Diabetes is a cooking school and nutrition education program designed for people with diabetes and their family members or caregivers. In a series of four classes, cooking demonstrations will help you learn healthy techniques to use in your own kitchen. The program includes sampling healthy foods and discussion with a dietitian or certified diabetes educator, plus a follow-up reunion class held at a later date.

Who Should Attend? Anyone with concerns about diabetes or anyone interested in controlling blood sugar is encouraged to participate and to bring a family member, friend, caregiver, or other support person.

At Dining with Diabetes, you will:

  • Watch live cooking demonstrations
  • Sample delicious food prepared for you
  • Gain new insights on healthy eating
  • Learn new skills to manage your diabetes

Dining with Diabetes Classes

Dates: May 3-9-17-24
Time: 12:00 Noon- 2:00pm
Location: Licking County Aging Program  1058 East Main St Newark 

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Call office to register:  740-670-5315

What Past Participants Have Said...

Question: As a result of attending the Dining with Diabetes program, would you please take a moment to share something you learned with us?

“It’s always good to see the visuals of portion size. Thank you for this fun and informative session.”

“Veggies are best for snacking.”

“Different flavorings, fruit in stew? Flavoring for water. The need to check labels much more than I ever have. Ways to incorporate more fruit in my meal plans. Emphasis on watching salt and fats.”

“How to count carbs in the food and putting the meal together better.”

“Reinforced how to eat.”

“More about carbs, using apples and pears in cooking, about different sweeteners, understanding fats and more.”

“A lot!!! Especially about sodium and fats (good & bad). Just a real enjoyable time every evening here.”

“For myself try to keep around 45g carbs per meal.”

“Always read the labels. Just because something may say it is light doesn’t always mean it is healthier.”

“Beef stew was delicious! Encouraged me to take better care of myself. Control carbs.”

“I learned that managing your diabetes isn’t hard once you understand the disease and how what you eat affects your body. I enjoyed the food and the presentations.”

“The importance of carbohydrate measuring/being aware of.”

“Walking into this class blind and not knowing much. I have so much to learn. Can’t wait to take more classes and doing this class again.”

“Very educational in counting carbs.”

“Read product labels carefully and prepare your own meals as much as possible and eat lots of vegetables.”


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