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Upcoming events for youth and adults alike. Click on the event for flyer, registration forms and detailed information.


Check out upcoming programs and events on the Ohio 4-H Youth Development Events and Opportunities page at:


Calling all do’ers! National 4-H Council is looking for 4-H youth of all ages who have ideas (original or adapted from other sources) for fun, educational and/or service-oriented hands-on activities to be featured in Council’s brand campaign later this fall. Do you have a step-by-step guide for growing a bean in a bottle to teach kids about agriculture? Or instructions for organizing a trash pickup day in your community? Or a favorite healthy recipe you make for friends and family? We’d love to hear those ideas, and have the opportunity to feature the great ideas, kids and 4-H clubs bringing them to life. Submit your ideas today!



Limited Edition 4-H Plush Animal Barn Set

Get Your Exclusive 4-H Barn set

Support 4-H and celebrate 4-H's agricultural heritage with this one-of-a-kind 4-H branded barn and collectible plush animals.

A portion of each sale goes directly to support 4-H youth across America. Don’t wait, the limited stock won’t last long!

Click here to order from



Feeding Bees across the Nation

Feed a Bee, an initiative started by the Bayer Bee Care Program, is seeking to support forage projects being conducted by 4-H clubs. Feed a Bee promotes pollinator health through planting native wildflowers and educating communities about the importance of honey bees and other pollinators. A current goal of the program is to plant forage in all 50 states by the end of 2018 to increase food for pollinators across the country. To help achieve this goal, Feed a Bee is seeking to provide funds to facilitate new or ongoing pollinator initiatives lead by clubs across the country.

If your clubs have an interest in pollinators and would like to learn more about this initiative, please contact



JOANN Fabrics has partnered with the National 4-H Council to bring more hands-on 4-H programs to youth.

Current members, parents and volunteers can sign-up for the JOANN 4-H Rewards Card and receive 15% off total in-store and online purchases.

JOANN will give a minimum of 2.5% of every eligible transaction to support 4-H programs. Find the details at



Ohio 4-H Specialty Logo Plate Sales - Available NOW!

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is once again offering a specialty license plate dedicated to Ohio 4-H Youth Development and the new logo plates are now available for purchase. Show your support for Ohio 4-H by purchasing an Ohio 4-H Specialty License Plate.  A portion of the annual plate fees collected from new and renewed plates is given directly to Ohio 4-H and is earmarked for 4-H programming. 

License plates are more than just an accessory – they are an investment in your 4-H members.  Ohio 4-H provides over 250,000 youth members in local clubs and county based special interest programs with experiential learning that enhances their ability to use critical thinking, leadership, communication and social skills. 

You can purchase or renew your Ohio 4-H Specialty plate at your local Ohio BMV Deputy Registrar’s Office or online at




Tractor Supply Co. Paper Clover Campaign

Each Spring and Fall, Tractor Supply will help raise money for 4-H programs with the Paper Clover Campaign, a national in-store fundraiser that benefits 4-H programming.

2023 Dates:

October 4-15

Tractor Supply Company asks customers to donate $1 to support 4-H.

Click  here  to see how your donation to 4-H at TSC is used for 4-H members

   70% of the collected funds support the local 4-H programs where they were raised.

   Talk to your local TSC store and ask how your club can get involved to help raise money and support 4-H youth development program activities in Licking County.

Show your "GREEN" spirit and support 4-H in your community! Visit your local Tractor Supply (TSC)  and purchase a paper clover for $1 at the register. Proceeds will benefit your local 4-H program.

Click here for a complete list of Ohio Tractor Supply locations.
Visit the 4-H web page at the TSC website and fill out the online form.



4-H Camp Ohio

4-H Camp Ohio Adventure Weekends - Gather your group for an adventure at 4-H Camp Ohio! Click on the link for program descriptions and how to schedule an event.



Visit the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences website:

If you are in high school and exploring universities that prepare students for exciting careers in food, environmental sciences or agriculture,

OSU's College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has a perfect day planned for you. Click on this link to visit their website and register for a visit.