Upcoming Opportunities:

2019 Project Judging - Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - C-TEC 150 Price Rd., Newark. Please check the schedule to see when your club is scheduled to be judged. NEW FOR 2019: While Special Interest projects will be judged throughout the day as we have done in the past, for 2019 Clothing projects will be judged only in the MORNING and Foods projects will be judged only in the AFTERNOON.

2019 Dairy Foods Contest - LOCATION CHANGE - Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 6:30pm - Location has been moved to the Babcock Building at the Hartford Fairgrounds: 14028 Fairgrounds Rd., Croton

2019 4-H Project Judging Workshop - Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 10:00am - Licking County Extension Office: Want to know what to expect for project judging? Need to know what to bring? Have questions about your project? You are invited to attend the 4-H Project Judging Workshop, led by the Licking County 4-H Food and Fashion Board. Participants will learn general judging guidelines, tips and expectations, along with specific information on clothing, foods, and special interest project judging.

2019 4-H Project Workshop: Intro to Food & Clothing Projects - Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 10am to noon - Licking County Extension Office: The Licking County 4-H Food & Fashion Board will be hosting workshops designed for beginning project members who are taking food or clothing projects for the first or second time. Both sessions will run simultaneously, so member will need to pick one workshop or the other. They will not be able to attend both. A parent or the project helper is required to attend to learn along with the 4-H member. Members should bring their project book with them, but are also encouraged to bring other items they may wish to get help with (maybe they have a sewing machine they need to know how to thread or have questions on a recipe for their foods project). Please RSVP by Monday, April 29th at 740.670.5315.

2019 Licking County 4-H Tractor Club Meetings - Club meetings begin on October 1, 2018...Click here for informational handout

Achievement Awards Informational Meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 19th, at the OSU Extension Office starting a 6:00 pm - Click here for a detailed flyer

2019 Achievement Award Letter / Award Packet / Forms A & B (Forms A & B to be inserted as pages 2 & 3 of Award Packet when turned in)  - Word doc

2019 AchievementAward Form Packet - PDF format

2019 4-H Committee Scholarship Application Packet - Word doc

2019 4-H Committee Scholarship Application Packet - PDF format

2019 4-H Teen Member Interest Inventory Form - Do you have an interest in becoming a 4-H Camp Counselor or joining the Junior Fair Board, Food & Fashion Board or being a 4-H CARTEENS Facilitator - Returning this form to the OSU Extension Office is a great way to insure that you don't miss out on upcoming leadership opportunities.

Other 4-H Record Resources:

  • Create a Winning Achievement Record - Use this PowerPoint presentation to assist you in completing your Ohio 4-H Achievement Record. Lots of good ideas!
  • My 4-H Career Record Book - Keep this book in a safe place and add to it each year. This will provide you with a thorough record of your 4-H career and will make applying for awards and scholarships easy
  • Member Record Form - Use this form to maintain a record of your 4-H activities, projects, awards and honors. It will come in handy when you become eligible to apply for county and state achievement awards, scholarships, camps and conferences through the Ohio 4-H Achievement Record.

2019 Photo ID Badges - Who needs to have a picture taken this year?

  • All new exhibitors and advisors

  • All 2018 exhibitors and advisors with last names beginning with A thru M (odd years)

  • Who does not need a new picture taken this year?  If your last name begins with N thru Z (even years) and you had a 2018 ID Photo Badge.  A new badge will be issued with last year's photo. 

  • Everyone will receive a new ID Badge for 2019.

  • Advisor badges will be issued from the Senior Fair office and Exhibitor badges will be issued from either the Junior Fair Board Office or Ramsey 4-H Center. All badges issued in a prior year cannot be used for admission to the fair and will be confiscated if presented.

  • A full list of dates to have your photo take can be found here.

Still need help in trying to decide what project to take:  Project Central is an easy way for 4-H members and project helpers to preview Ohio 4-H project books and resources. Take a closer look at a book, find out what others have to say, and share your experiences.  Go to: http://projectcentral.ohio4h.org/

Club Officer Resources:

Licking County 4-H Officer Training School and Family Orientation April 23, 2019 - 6:30pm - Heath High School.  The 4-H Officer Training School will assist in preparing club officers to fulfill their responsibilities as club officers through providing instruction and helpful resource materials. Officers will have an opportunity to actively participate in sessions and ask any questions that they may have about their roles and responsibilities.  The 4-H Family Orientation will be beneficial for those 4-H parents who wish to learn more about opportunities available through the 4-H program and how they as parents can effectively support their children as they enjoy all that 4-H has to offer.

Club Officer Handbooks & Materials:

Additional Resources:

Food, Clothing & Special Interest Projects:

Project Requirements & Supplements:

2019 Licking County 4-H Project Requirements (this booklet covers all 4-H projects and contains the 2017 Clothing & Food Supplements, as well as judging dates and award definitions)

Companion Animal Projects/Resources:

Includes cavy, cat, and rabbit projects. Ohio 4-H Companion Animals state website -  click on the previous link for information on events, resources and acknowledgments for dogs, rabbits and companion animals.

Dog Projects:

Dog Resource Handbook (201R) – Updates to this book have been added to our Books/Resource page under Publication Updates. There are two versions: 2016 edition and 2018 edition. Members can download one pdf with all the changes depending on which edition they own. Changes were made in these chapters: Breeds, Grooming, Communication and Behavior, Obedience, Judging, Showmanship, and Working Dogs.

The following information can be found at www.go.osu.edu/dog on the State 4-H Dog Resource Page.

Public Speaking & Demonstrations Contests:

2019 Cloverbud Pledge, Demonstrations Contests and Health & Safety Speaking Contests Entry Form - Entry Due Friday, May 31, 2019

Tools for Public Speaking Member Guide

Preparing Your 4-H Demonstration - Sample demonstrations outline.

Encouraging Members to Demonstrate - Various ways advisors can encourage their members to present demonstrations.

4-H for Youth:

4-H is the ultimate youth development experience and is what you make it. Through trips, activities, projects, leadership roles, working in teams and new levels of responsibility, youth learn the skills necessary to be successful in an ever changing world. "Join the revolution of responsibility" and prepare yourself for greatness in 4-H! Click on the following link to the Ohio 4-H Youth Development - 4-H for Youth webpage

  • Ohio State Fair - 4-H is the largest youth development program in Ohio!  Located in the Youth Center, a portion of the building is used as exhibit space for 4-H projects and judging activities during the State Fair. Fairgoers can learn about the 4-H program by talking with the 4-H members competing each day.
  • Just for Teens -  more information about 4-H Ambassadors, CWF, Collegiate 4-H, Awards & Scholarships, CARTEENS, State Fashion Board, Teen Conference, and Teen Council

Additional Resources:

  • Saying Thank You:  A lot of respect can be earned or lost by our ability to say thanks.  Thank you notes help our sponsors realize that the award sponsorship really means something to you.  It helps make them more interested in sponsoring next year. For help in writing that thank you note or letter click on the following link:  Thank you flyer

County Fall 4-H Awards & Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Submission:

Congratulations to Licking County's State Project Award Winners

Apply for county and state achievement awards, scholarships, camps and conferences using the Ohio 4-H Achievement Record. Members who are at least 14 years old as of January 1 of the current year are eligible to apply. Packets are available in September each year and due in October:

Achievement Awards Letter -  How do you know if you're eligible?  If you are a current 4-H member who will have passed your 14th birthday (but not yet passed your 19th birthday) by January 1, 2019, you are considered to be eligible for these opportunities.  However, in order to compete for awards selection and recognition, you must complete and submit an Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Form.

Achievement Awards Training Session - Are you interested in being recognized for your accomplishments in the Licking County 4-H program, but are unsure where to begin?  Join Lisa this fall for an informational meeting at the OSU Extension - Licking Couny office. 

2018-2019 Interest Inventory Form  -  You do not need to complete an Achievement Record in order to return the interest inventory form.  We keep this information on file and will notify you as information regarding those events and activities become available.  This is a great way to insure that you don't miss out on upcoming leadership opportunities, as we will send you matierials as soon as they become available.  Due fall 2019. Check back here for form and due date.

Achievement Award Submission Categories

Licking County Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Submission Instructions - What Do I Need To Hand In