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Livestock Quality Assurance Packets

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2020 Livestock Quality Assurance Packets

The following packets are given out to attendees of species sessions at the Quality Assurance Trainings. If you were able to attend the Quality Assurance Training on March 11th at Ohio State Newark, you would have received one of these packets. These materials will also be shared at an Quality Assurance Trainings we hold once we are able to do so. The packets listed below have been updated to reflect dates/events as they are currently (as of April 1st) listed. Please keep in touch with your advisors as you have questions or need help with your livestock projects.

APRIL 1 LIVESTOCK UPDATE (includes important information from our Quality Assurance facilitators to help you keep up-to-date on species specific requirements/information)









General Livestock Resources


  • CANCELLED: Little International Showmanship Contest - Saturday, April 4, 2020 - Wilmington College Equine Center

General Resources and Information:

2020 Licking County 4-H Project Requirements (this booklet covers all 4-H projects and contains the 2017 Clothing & Food Supplements, as well as judging dates and award definitions)

2020 Photo ID Badges - Who needs to have a picture taken this year?

  • All new exhibitors and ALL advisors (Advisor photos will now be good for three (3) years. All advisors should have their photo taken in 2020)

  • Any exhibitor who did NOT have a badge in 2019 (member was not enrolled for 2019 or forgot to have their picture taken in 2019).

  • Everyone will receive a new ID Badge for 2020.

  • Advisor badges will be issued from the Senior Fair office and Exhibitor badges will be issued from either the Junior Fair Board Office or Ramsey 4-H Center. All badges issued in a prior year cannot be used for admission to the fair and will be confiscated if presented.

  • Junior Fair Exhbitor and Advisor Photo ID Pick-up Schedule

Hartford Fair Sale Photo Update

2021 Hartford Junior Fair Livestock Sales Brochure

2021 Hartford Junior Fair Livestock/Animal Requirement Summary - Exhibitor information regarding exhibit limits, dates of possession, pre-fair weigh-in/tagging dates, clinics, entry deadline, and various animal and health requirements.

Livestock Quality Assurance: Dates, locations and requirement information will be coming soon.

  • Any Hartford Fair youth exhibitor who has not attended one approved Junior Fair Livestock Quality Assurance training will be ineligible to exhibit livestock (in the areas requiring QA training) during the 2020 Hartford Independent Fair if they are unable to complete a Quality Assurance training by June 1, 2021.

  • YQCA Training option: Additional Information will be available for completing your Quality Assurance requirement through the YQCA online training module.

  • All youth enrolling in a horse project for the first time during 2021 will be required to complete the Horse Safety & Ethics Program.  This program is also required of all advisors who will be working with horse projects for the first time during the coming year.  Each member is required to have a parent / guardian attend with them.  both, the youth member and parent / guardian will be required to sign in upon attend.  Youth are not eligible to show in 4-H sponsored shows (youth 4-H shows / Hartford Fair / Ohio State Fair) until this training requirement has been met.  Horse Safety & Ethics programs are offered at the same time and location as livestock quality assurance programs.

  • All QA requirements must be met by June 1. Please contact the Licking County OSU Extension office at 740-670-5315 for a list of out of county QA program dates and times contact phone numbers that you can attend in order to exhibit livestock/equine projects at the Hartford Junior Fair.

Livestock Project Judging Interviews & Skillathons:  Skillathon stations will not be offered in person during the Hartford Fair this year, so we ask that you register for the State Skillathons – as we will use those contest scores to recognize Hartford Fair exhibitors during the fair! All youth who intend to complete a skillathon must register online by July 15th, with species skillathons being held on the designated dates / times listed in the document above.

General Preventive Health Recommendations for Animals Exhibiting at the Hartford Fair

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Fact Sheet for 4-H Youth Livestock Producers and Families

Ohio State Fair Livestock Requirements Brochure - information on the general requirements and guidelines for showing livestock at the Ohio State Fair in JUNIOR classes.

Project Enrollment for 4-H and FFA Members Showing Animals at the Ohio State Fair

Additional Resources:

Ohio 4-H Animal Sciences Resource website:  Also, each species has their own Resource page with information that can help 4-H members decide if an animal project is right for them. There is also a home page and state calendar page for each species.  Click on the following individual species for the link to the Resource pages:  Companion, Dog, Rabbit, Dairy, Horse, Poultry, Livestock and Ohio 4-H PetPals.  Also, check out the State 4-H Skillathon website

Saying Thank You:  A lot of respect can be earned or lost by our ability to say thanks.  Thank you notes help our sponsors realize that the award sponsorship really means something to you.  It helps make them more interested in sponsoring next year. For help in writing that thank you note or letter click on the following link:  Thank you flyer


Beef & Dairy Cattle


  • 2021 Hartford Fair Steer Pool - If you are interested in participating in the 2021 Hartford Fair Steer Pool, there is an informational meeting that will be held on Monday, September 21, 2020 starting at 7:00pm at the Hartford Fair Swine Complex at the Hartford Independent Fairgrounds. Please find more information here as well as at:
  • 4-H Dairy Judging Contest - Saturday, March 20, 2021 - Shipley Dairy Farm: 9309 Reynolds Rd, Utica, OH - 10:00 am - PLEASE NOTE: For 2021Only Licking County 4-H Members who are enrolled or will be enrolled in a 4-H Dairy Project during 2021 will be allowed to participate. Also, only one adult will be able to attend with each family. There will NOT be lunch or a Quality Assurance Program provided.

General Resources and Information:

2021 Hartford Fair and State Fair Market Steer/Heifer Updates - NOTE: New weigh in date: Saturday, DECEMBER 12, 2020: 8:00-11:00am - 2020 Ohio State Fair Market Steer & Heifer Identifcation Guidelines

2020 Dairy Barn & Kohman Wing Guidelines

2020 Dairy Feeder Steer Information

Hartford Jr. Fair Dairy Feeder Steer Information Handout

Best Management Practices for Feeder Calf 4-H Projects

2020 Dairy 4-H Recognition Letter - 2020 Dairy Achievement Form


Goat & Sheep


General Resources and Information:

2020 Hartford Fair Market Goat ID Form - Due June 6, 2020 to the Hartford Independent Fair Office

2020 Hartford Fair Market Lamb ID Form - Due June 6, 2020 to the Hartford Independent Fair Office

National Scrapie Eradication Program:  Animal Identification and Recordkeeping Guide for Sheep and Goats

4-H Goat Projects:  Choosing Your Goat Project when Exhibiting at the Hartford Fair & Enrolling in 4-H Online

Goat Scrapie ID Flyer - 2019 information on the national update.

Sheep Scrapie ID Flyer - 2019 information on the national update.

Link to video for how to trim a pygmy goat for shows: Grooming a African Pygmy Goat for a Show (Part 2).


Rabbit & Poultry


General Resources and Information:

July 16, 2020 Hartford Fair Rabbit and Poultry Update

2020 Rabbit & Poultry Pop-Up Tents Guidelines

2021 Hartford Junior Fair Turkey Pool Order Form - Due March 5, 2021.  Mail order form with payment to: OSU Extension - Licking County Office, 771 E. Main Street, Suite 103, Newark, OH  43055

2020 Hartford Junior Fair Meat Chicken Order Form - Due by 4:00pm on Friday, May 1, 2020.  Mail or drop off order form with payment to:  OSU Extension - Licking County Office, 771 E. Main Street, Suite 103, Newark, OH  43055

2020 Hartford Jr. Fair Meat Duck Pool Order FormDue by 4:00pm on Friday, May 1, 2020.  Mail or drop off order form with payment to:  OSU Extension - Licking County Office, 771, E. Main Street, Suite 103, Newark, OH  43055.

2020 Bred and Raised Market Rabbit ID Form - Rule and regulations for the bred and raised class at the Hartford Fair. ID form must be returned to the fairgrounds with signatures by May 2, 2020.

Poultry Resource Handout for Ohio 4-H

Ohio Livestock Care Standards for Poultry - Resource for layers, broilers, and turkeys.

Poultry Virus Info Handout

Poultry Resources Webpage  (Ohio 4-H State Website)  -  Also posted is a collection of articles called Basic Information About Chickens (143 pages).

2021 Guidelines to the 4-H Rabbit Projects - These guidelines offer a description of the purpose of each rabbit project and also list the fair tattoo/registration days.

Rabbit Registration Form  - This form should be printed and filled out before bringing your rabbit(s) to registration on July 11, 2020.

Rabbit Basics for the Beginner - Click here for Fact Sheet

Poultry Resources for Ohio 4-H

Getting Started with Poultry Resources - Includes Showing Tips and Skillathon Material for Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese.

Extra pages for Poultry Project: 



General Resources and Information:

2020 Hartford Fair Hog ID form - Due June 15, 2020 to the Hartford Independent Fair Office

Minimizing Influenza Transmission during Exhibitions - Checklist for Protecting Guests, Exhibitors, an Pigs

Measures to Minimize Influenza Transmission at Swine Exhibitions

Swine Health Recommendations